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YZ, pronounced “eyes”, is an artist committed to intuition and guided by a desire for humanity. She became known as early as 2003, thanks to the series Open your eyes, its first urban-scale project using the stencil technique she declines on multiple media.


Indeed, constrained by this technique, YZ seeks her own signature aesthetic. Thus, paper, Chinese ink and roll soon find their place at the heart of her work. With extreme requirement, YZ navigates through projects in the broad spectrum relying on her instincts. Without artifice, she paints, glues and sprays female figures of the 1900s, urban landscapes, or portraits impactful that make sense in the struggle against slavery and for civil rights.


Her approach fits more into a global dynamic. Alternately poster designer, videographer, visual artist, she appropriates a space with which she forges an intimate relationship.
YZ becomes one of the major figures of Street Art in France. The young woman was soon recognized as one of the most in vogue artists and today enjoys international recognition in the world of street art, with exhibitions at the Cartier Foundation, the Institute of Prague or else the Grand Palais.


Through a timeless aesthetic, YZ travels through her own history and reflects our times and our society a light, which for soft, is still surprisingly faithful. In the street, the human figure and its place of life remains the central theme of the artist.


YZ attempts to situate the place of human beings in our society, she describes and decrypts our lifestyles through the staged image of the dwellers of the cities through which she passes. Undoubtedly, YZ work continues thematic whose guideline is the most complex and most fascinating subject: the human.

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