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London-based artist Word To Mother was born and raised in an English seaside town. After attending art school for illustration, and with a background in graffiti, Word To Mother entered into the art world.

Word To Mother creates work that combines many influences into uniquely layered paintings, often atop pieces of salvaged wood. Incorporating hand drawn personal sentiments, emotions and feelings that he executes in the form of loose script, inspired from his experience as a tattoo artist and tight sign written letters, drawn from years of painting graffiti.
Suggestions of nostalgic sign writing and unmistakable WTM figures feature within a salvaged environment where they appear to have existed for years. A beautiful juxtaposition, of fragile and emotive elements shown through subtle textures and washes of colour, but with a strength and confidence fused with his signature patterns, architecture & figures. His work is melancholic yet fun and playful. With an earthy ‘London’ palette of grey tones accentuating splashes of brighter ‘seaside’ colours of fluro red, pink, yellows and turquoise which give the paintings an optimistic feel.
Word To Mother’s recent work invites the viewer to look past the exterior or what is immediately apparent and question what is behind. Referencing popular childhood characters Word To Mother asks the viewer to question the agenda of media that is subjected to us, involuntarily sculpting our values and opinions. Commenting on society being conditioned to worship fame and celebrity status as a way to keep the masses occupied so to keep them from questioning anything. Distractions in the form of everything from fluffy rendered characters to synthesised pop songs and reality television are used as a front to conceal a more sinister agenda. Nothing is as it seems, taking a cynical view of visual language we are confronted with everyday, nothing is literal anymore.

Word To Mother draws inspiration from an adolescence which holds precious memories, juxtaposed with an adulthood which has made him the talented artist he is today.

Word To Mother has exhibited in both the UK and the US and has been featured in various publications including Juxtapoz and Hi Fructose.
Solo Show – White Walls, San Francisco, November 2013
Previous Solo Shows
‘Fuck You Pay Me’ White Walls, San Francisco, February 2013
‘Can’t Afford To Be Broke’ White Walls, San Francisco, May 2012
‘Essence Of Adolescence’ StolenSpace Gallery, London, October 2011
‘Blind By Stardom’ StolenSpace Gallery, London, October 2010
‘Young Mind, Old Soul’ Fifty24SF, San Francisco, July 2009
‘Lost For Words’ StolenSpace Gallery, London, March 2009
‘Til The Hot Runs Cold’ StolenSpace Gallery, London, May 2008
‘Dead Trees, Yellow Leaves, Cups Of Tea’ StolenSpace Gallery, London, March 2007

Group Shows:
‘Deck The Walls’ StolenSpace Gallery, London, December 2012
Scope Art Fair, Miami,  Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art, Miami, 2012
‘Love & Hate’ StolenSpace Gallery, London, February, 2012
‘UK Street Art Print Nite’  Corey Helford Gallery, LA, February, 2011
Summer Group Show, StolenSpace Gallery, London, July, 2011
‘Spectrum’ Mallick Williams & Co, New York, April 2011
‘Never Judge’ In Association With Penguin Books, London, December 2010
‘Wild fantasies’ A Decade Of The Don’t Panic Poster, London, September 2010

‘Fame Festival’ Grottaglie, Italy, September 2010
Summer Group Show, StolenSpace Gallery, London, July, 2010
Winter Group Show, StolenSpace Gallery, London,December, 2009
‘Fame Festival’ Grottaglie, Italy, September 2009
Summer Group Show, StolenSpace Gallery, London, July, 2009
Winter Group Show, StolenSpace Gallery, London, December, 2008
‘Clowns’ Corey Helford Gallery, LA, November 2008
‘Attention Spam’ Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong, November, 2008
‘Under A Red Sky’ StolenSpace Gallery, London, July, 2008
‘Draw’, Curated By Fuse Gallery, New York, March, 2008
Winter Group Show, StolenSpace Gallery, London,December, 2007
Summer Group Show, StolenSpace Gallery, London, June, 2007
Winter Group Show, StolenSpace Gallery, London, December, 2006
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