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by Friday, November 25, 2011
  • So what’s the reasoning behind this London thing? One Summer. sitting sipping an espresso in East Dulwich, Vic eyed up and down Lordship Lane.He took in the sights and sounds of this bustling street, the people milling around getting on with their lives. That’s when he got the inclination to draw it.
  • Seeing the outlets and buildings as one was engaging, to see the different styles of design. the classical elements that give the street its ambiance.

As things took shape and each one was carefully sketched, it started to come together as a moment in history. Capturing the business’ that live there from a modern perspective.

Once the illustration was complete, Vic went down to the PrintClub in Dalston to get screen printed. Everything had to be by hand, the illustrations, text and final printing.

Vic produces a set of limited edition run of the areas and dependent on the area, can range from 100 to 500. This gives the people that live there the option to buy and own a piece of their own history. As it turns out, these have become incredibly popular by word of mouth.

The feedback has been amazing and Vic’s prints have travelled across the globe, Australia, Dubai, Sweden, America, they just keep traveling.

The paper stock Vic uses is always Somerset cotton paper, with a hefty 300gsm weight. Keeping the Somerset mark in the corner and finishing each print with his own artist mark, signed and numbered.

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