Studio Brave

by Monday, April 9, 2012

Studio Brave is a Melbourne based design studio driven by brand identity and visual communication that differentiates.

Our guiding vision comes from our name. Brave thinking leads to an unexpected outcome. We are inspired by summoning the courage to take a risk. Developing an idea that has not been explored. This desire for excellence leads to visual results which build an emotional connection with its market.

Through a deep understanding of our clients’ business we are committed to creating, developing and maintaining successful brands. Strong creative must be aligned with clearly defined business objectives. We approach each project with passion to discover design solutions which engage the client, the audience and ourselves. 

We constantly embrace change, challenge mediocrity, invent, reinvent, research, challenge, explore, add, subtract, discover, learn, unlearn, imagine, create, formulate, enhance, improve and most importantly never stop dreaming.”

Studio Brave website.


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