Steven Simko

by Monday, December 1, 2014

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Steven, or Simko to friends, first became interested in photography at fifteen, when he noticed a point of purchase display of a girl in a yellow bikini holding a Minolta 110 Weathermatic underwater camera. Intrigued, and perhaps hoping to meet some real girls in yellow bikinis, young Steven walked into that South Carolina camera shop and asked to be taught simply “everything about cameras.


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” They hired him on the spot. From there, Steven took his newfound photo skills to his school yearbook staff where he was promptly let go for taking some questionable photos (wink, wink). Unfazed, he continued his pursuits of photographing beautiful girls throughout his high school and college years. Eventually, Steven left the South and moved to California. Then to London. Then back to California.


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A few years later, after assisting iconic photographer Art Streiber and processing Herb Ritts’ B&W contact sheets at Photo Impact lab in Hollywood, he moved to New York City. In New York, Steven began shooting fashion for the magazines here and abroad. Through a chance meeting (serendipity) with Ivan Shaw, Steven landed his first assignment coming from the fashion bible itself: VOGUE. Nowadays, Steven specializes in energetic pictures of celebrities and real people alike.


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He’s photographed tons of interesting people, including Adele, Katie Holmes, Debra Messing, Sofia Vergara and Tony Horton for notable publications such as Vogue, InStyle and Fitness. Steven balances his work life with a passion for trying to better his single digit handicap on the golf course and trying to better his recipe for mini black bottom cheese cakes. Curiosity, Perseverance and Unbridled passion keeps him going. Steven is currently based in Hollywood, California.


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