by Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ripo is grown up in Nyc and discovered graffiti art pretty early, but he never wondered this passion would have brought him into amazing trips around the world. In 2006 he moved to Barcelona becoming part of the local scene very soon, and in the same year he made an european tour around 24 countries, counting on the hospitality of a large connection of street artists.

The second trip is entitled “South Central Tour”, it took 6 months and he visited 11 countries in Central and South America.
During this trip, Ripo, focused on large typography pieces, inspired by a variety of local signs and insignia.Ripo studied and photographed typography styles in each city to reproduce them in his work, with the difference that the words he used had an aesthetic meaning instead of functional.


“Mirrors are more than just something to see yourself in. When I was a kid I always thought they were windows into another world. The photos of the Reflect On paintings are snapshots of paintings that are constantly moving and changing.

When you look into them they speak directly to you. When you move on it is no longer yours and its entire meaning changes. In the streets these mirrors are everyone’s and they are about everyone. This project has been ongoing since 2006 and the mirrors have shown their faces (and yours) in Bucharest, Istanbul, Barcelona, NYC, Mexico City, Brussels, and Vienna.”


“Graffiti is about writing Your Name everywhere, as much as possible, and with as much style as possible. Some of you don’t get it, maybe because you haven’t had Your Name up yourselves. So here You go.”