Richard Orlinski

by Monday, September 23, 2013

From an early age, it is distinguished by its creative spirit. He likes to carve animals, especially elephants and inventing flying machines.
The family’s apartment becomes a pool of ideas for young children. It was around the age of 20 he is seriously interested in art and discover the great names of European painting and sculpture. He paces exhibitions and permanent collections of museums at random from his travels , feeding on the wealth of these masterpieces.


After studying Fine Arts , he became interested in a new generation of artists, including Jeff Koons , Takashi Murakami , Richard Prince …
Orlinski gladly acknowledges feel limited by the two-dimensional painting. He loves the physical contact with the material , resin, aluminum, but also marble, stone, bronze. Sculptor since 2004, his approval rating has continued to climb since .

In 2010 , Richard Orlinski ranked second contemporary French artist most sold in France by Art Price.


The concept © Born Wild
“By creating , I release my positive energy. I want my work to help people channel their dark thoughts , they turn them into beauty. ”
Violence is in nature, it is vital, but Richard Orlinski also knows that beauty can turn violence into positive emotion.
Through the concept © Born Wild , Orlinski asked about the transformation of a primordial instinct in a civilized emotion. The vectors of this transformation are the aesthetics of the work, the pursuit of perfection of the sculptor and the viewer’s perception . Supporter of the arts accessible to all, Orlinski draws on popular imagery of icons that serve his purpose.

Simple but high figures evoke the animal and savagery , while maintaining an almost hypnotic beauty. Richard Orlinski key audiences by acting on childish impulses, archaisms .

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  • Berinda
    March 17, 2014

    Thought this is what MTV would have look liked from the beginning.

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