Walter Schaffir – Trailer for Photomontage

by Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Trailer for Interview with Walter Schaffir – From the upcoming 4th episode of The Ripple Project ONE series:


“Thinking back it is hard to really reconstruct that moment,” says holocaust survivor Walter Schaffir of the day he and his brother Kurt are sent on a Kindertransport from Vienna to Holland by their mother in 1939. “I have never had any doubts that I would see her again, and we did.” Like Walter and his mother Lola, Nancy Gershman, Walter’s daughter, is also an artist, but the first in generations to dip into a digital tool box to recapture lost time – not for herself but for others – expressly to fit her clients’ wishes and counter their regrets. She is a memory artist and oral historian creating photomontages for individuals who cannot write their own prescription for happiness.

We first encounter Nancy as she assembles an actual “picture of a memory” — which re-imagines what it might have been like for a young man to have a bonding experience with his parents … only this time in his preferred gender which is female.

Parallel to this journey, Nancy presses her father to reconstruct his gaps in memory; gaps that spotlight Walter’s optimistic outlook on life at the expense of denial. This collision between rosy reminiscences and the darker details only leaves Nancy hungry for more.

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