Moshik Nadav

by Monday, June 20, 2011

Moshik Nadav is an Israeli Typography and Graphic design artist. Currently, Moshik is a fourth year student specializing in Typography. Moshik’s true love is typography and typeface design and he see typography as a distilled form of design.

On December 2009, Moshik completed a student exchange program in Toronto, Canada where he had the opportunity to study at OCAD for one semester. Moshik has worked for two years at a prominent advertising firm in Israel as a graphic artist and is currently working as a freelancer practicing in typography, typeface design and graphic design.

Playful Ampersand

Playful Ampersand is a new Experimental Typography project by Moshik Nadav. On the project you can find 7 new designs for the traditional Ampersand sign. Along with the design, You can see many playful variations with colors, compostions and fresh design.

“With this project, I’m celebrating my 28 birthday and my gift for you except this experimental typography project, is a brand new Typography site!! You can log into the site by click the link at the bottom.. Take a deep breathe and enjoy the project”

Moshik website