Mina Hamada

by Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Mina Hamada is a Japanese painter, whose work is characterized through abstract and organic shapes in soft, bright and warm colours on a monochrome background. Flat and soft forms interact harmoniously balanced, while rhythm and colour provide a striking leitmotif to her work. Mina Hamada’s paintings and drawings are fresh and friendly, personal and sensitive and invite us into the artist’s unconsciousness – a dream world, combining occident and orient, young spirit and profound philosophy.

The artist works self-concentrated and investigates unknown fields of painting from the unconscious and improvisation. The titles of her works, mostly in Japanese, reflect this poetic self-analysis and refer to her cross-cultural background and examination with her own identity.

Mina Hamada, born in Louisiana, USA, grows up in Tokyo, Japan, where she studies Design and Illustration at the Sokei Academy of Fine Art & Design. In Japan she has first exhibitions, presenting her illustrations and handmade storybooks, which combine her own drawing and short story-poems. In 2006 she wins the Special prize of the Kazuyoshi Iino-Award for her picture book Neboke House.

At the end of 2009 she moves to Barcelona, Spain, where she studies Typography and Hispanic Studies and stays to date. Mina Hamada grows to love the city’s Street Art scene and meets the artist Zosen. She starts to experiment with large-scale murals and Zosen & Mina Hamada consolidate as an artistic duo.

They start collaborating on joint murals, installations, serigraphy and participate at numerous Mural Festivals and exhibitions since 2012. Their collective and individual work is exhibited in galleries and institutions all over Europe, in Miami, Tokyo and lately on their tour through South America, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Lima, Peru, where they stay several months until February 2015 in order to discover the rich popular culture from the Andean States.

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