Matt Stevens

by Thursday, June 15, 2017

Matt Stevens is a Designer and Illustrator that loves them both, and especially when he gets to mix the two for powerful results. He spends his days doing work for people that are passionate about their product or brand whether they are a large world-renowned company or a local hot dog joint.

RHB+HERO RHB+spread+intros

The Rookie Handbook is a humorous and insightful look at the life of an NFL rookie. It’s designed to give a behind the scenes glimpse at life in the big leagues for the legions of NFL fans. I had the pleasure of designing the book and creating all the illustrations in collaboration with the creative team of Ryan Kalil, Jordan Gross and Geoff Hangartner. Weighing in at 176 pages and with 250+ illustrations, its available for purchase at many outlets and online. See where at The concept has already spread to a partnership with the NFL Network via a series of true rookie stories that run on the network and online.



I worked with the retail branding agency Theory House on a commemorative, limited edition Pepsi Zero Sugar can for the Super Bowl 51 Halftime show. The program grew to include a full campaign including ads, outdoor and fleet graphics for the big game.

4wb+post+primary 4wb+post+interior+sign

Brand and Identity for start up brewery in Charlotte, NC. The brewery was conceived as a nano-brewery. The concept was to create a brew in the heart of Charlotte that would be served exclusively at the brewery itself. It was to be very destinational and inspired by, and tied to its Charlotte roots and its location in a historic Fourth Ward firehouse.

ESQ+mag+mock ESQ+type+finalIntro graphic and set of accompanying spot illustrations for Esquire Magazine that captured the important political issues and also created a red/blue dualistic element to support the main idea of the article.

medium_mortal_media-1 MM+logo+family

Mortal media an LA-based movie production company founded by Ryan Kalil and Blake Griffin. I worked with them to develop an identity that captured their focus on powerful stories and that created a time-worn and otherworldly mystique. Business collateral photos from Mama’s Sauce blog.

Screen+Shot+2013-06-19+at+1.55.23+PM 20130606_nike_21+mercer+air_4522131 20130606_nike_21+mercer+air_4522171

Following up on my MAX100 project, Nike Sportswear and the Nike Global Digital team commissioned me to create a series of 28 illustrations of the core Airmax product. The interpretations of these products were centered around color story, design inspiration, cultural impact and reinvention. As with my previous series I utilized illustration, design and photography in combination to create a wide range of styles. This project was conceived as online only, but due to interest eventually led to a motion piece as well as an install at 21Mercer in Soho, NYC. Beyond the thrill of getting to work with such a great brand and team, having one of my concepts lead to designing neon signage of these 4 silhouettes was an amazing opportunity. 



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