Lupi & Kaki King

by Sunday, May 7, 2017

For most people, the words ‘visual data’ bring to mind images of impersonal bar graphs and pie charts that live in the realm of statistics and planning. But for information designer Giorgia Lupi, data is a filter through which people view their lives and have their lives understood and explored by others. At the Design Indaba Conference 2017, Lupi pushed the boundaries of her analog concept in a never before seen collaboration with musician Kaki King. The unlikely pair set out to answer a question: Can we really feel data?

“We wanted to see if it’s possible to get to know another human through data only. Dear Data helped me understand how human-scale data or small scale data can help people understand what data is,” says Lupi. “We’ve seen a lot of people that experiment with data, even teachers are using the Dear Data format to show students the worth of data. It’s really made data more approachable.”

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