We are a team of 6 artholic based in London-Berlin-Sydney-Hong Kong. Matthias, Corey, Frances, Beth, Andrew, and Christie. The Hyde project started on Feb 2010, our mission is simple: spread the love about illustration, painting, design and photography, writing simple, good, and fresh reviews about the artists we love.


Born in Paris. Lives and works in Paris.
Also called Nature’s Revenge, the work Ludo produces connects the world of plants and animals with our technological universe and “quest for modernism”. It speaks about what surrounds us and affects us for any reason and highlight it with some kind of humility. He studied art in Milan.

Ludo observes our world with intense scrutiny, deciphering our society in order to better express himself within its’ confines. Once a sociology student at the Sorbonne, his initial interest was in journalism.

With design and determination, he instead chose to devote himself to the arts. In his polished, refined aesthetic, Ludo combines aggressive or inappropriate imagery with household brand names – Dior ‘endorses’ a carrot-dildo, Tiffany & Co ‘sign off’ on Viagra-olives dangling from a branch and H&M ‘presents’ a cactus giving the middle finger.

Group show: Tales From The Seaside, Prescription Art ( Brighton, UK)Group show: Vanités Modernes, Studio 55 (Paris, FR) Group show: By Any Means Necessary, Brooklynite Gallery (NY, USA)

Group show: Ephemeral Beauty, Gallery Heist (San Francisco, USA),Press release, High Roller Society (London, UK)

Publication: Trespass. A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art Calendar, Taschen Group show: Street Art Saved My Life, C.A.V.E. Gallery (Los Angeles, USA) Solo show: Metamorphosis, High Roller Society (London, UK) Solo show: La Belle Vie, Starkart Gallery (Zurich, CH), Solo show: Super Discount, The Garage (Amsterdam, NL)

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