Leo Eguiarte

by Friday, June 6, 2014

Leo‘s art is a combination of personal beliefs and distrust for what he’s told. He references art history, major events and symbols from ancient cultures and the similarities that are often found in their folklores and social norms. For the most part his current work has the same underline theme, its a continuation of works he started back in 2011.


Leo grew up in Pasadena Ca. and its proximity to Hollywood and the entertainment industry affected him in a negative manner. Growing up he was heavily influence by pop culture, social events, images and consumer culture like most children were in the 80’s. He watched a lot of cartoons and collected action figures that accompanied these shows. 


This in combination with his upbringing directs his aesthetics and subject matter. Leo currently work as a print maker, but his true passion is painting. He truly respect its practice and its long history. As a child he used art as a vehicle for expression, he recalls drawing and making up characters that would consume a lot of his free time.




HC Statement

Holographic Conjuration is a visual metaphor for the illusionary state we as people are subjected to by our material desires. The work addresses issues of perceived power and its consolidation by a selected minority, the psychological, social, spiritual, and cultural effects of which are visible on both micro and macro levels. Our current sociocultural dynamic is one that encourages continual separation and division within our communities, environments and true selves.



As an artist, I feel that it is my responsibility to document my surroundings and to invite commentary that addresses critical issues affecting humanity and our ecosystem. The work is designed to confront these ideas of influence and desire and to empower the viewer to consider alternative choices for the ways in which we interact with and participate in the world, encouraging a constantly evolving perspective and reminding us of a shared existence.

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  • Ryo
    November 27, 2014

    Dang that’s dark. Gave me like a Umezu Kazuo vibe.

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