Lee Towndrow

by Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lee Towndrow has always forged his own path as an artist.
he began as a graphic designer in 1998, but soon found himself shooting album covers and movie posters for the sheer joy of it. a fascination with the emergent world of sophisticated film post production led him to become a flame artist for 8 years, working on music promos, films, and tv spots.

In a bid to reinvent himself, in 2004 he moved to buenos aires where he refused to speak english until he became fluent in spanish. he found work assisting conceptual artists and eventually went on to form his signature cinematic photography style. at ease on location and in the studio, towndrow brings an exuberant personality, deep technical ability and a passionate intellectual curiosity to all of his projects. he currently residesin new york.

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