Korin Faught

by Friday, October 4, 2013

Korin Faught is a painter. Seems to be a fairly simple description, yes. But painting isn’t her sole attribute — she is an artist not only by trade but from need and urgency. She’s also one of Los Angeles’ rising stars with a growing stable of distinguished collectors, including Tool’s Adam Jones and Boing Boing’s David Pescovitz. Lo Pan sat down with Faught, polished off a couple of bottles of wine, and delved into what compels her vividly unique style. He returned with this missive… 

Los Angeles plays host to the embodiment of caricature. As character may be defined as integrity and strength — I do what I say and I say what I do — caricature would be defined as the exponential swelling and tumorous-like growths of particular features or traits which vaguely resemble the origin yet embody the exaggeration of the impulse, detriment or flaw. Essentially, a cartoon. In some unique cases, the distorted reality lives happily with the stark reality. For example, Beverly Hills and East LA. It’s this idea which makes Los Angeles unique, inimitable.

These particular concepts swell just about everything: money, fame, ideas, products, lips, boobs, cars, shows, art, dishonesty… in a simplified etymology: Hype. Hype and dis-authenticity swarms industry, and nothing is sacred. Inclusive to all creative energies. In the early 90′s it seemed everyone wanted to be in bands. Then everyone wanted to be actors. Those who failed witnessed from the outside a blossoming and reinvented Los Angeles art community carving out its place in the bold-faced headlines. Within a short time, everyone in 2000 wanted to start a limited edition t-shirt shop, sneaker store, designer toy store with a gallery space. When those spaces failed and the inflated price of select art superstars rose, the failed musicians and actors now aspire to be artists. That is Los Angeles in a nutshell. It is unlike any other art market, set apart by it’s unabashed cloning, pose, irreverence, ignorance and excess. At the same time it is these qualities which make it entertaining and interesting. Certainly theater. In an art world filled with pretenders and wannabes, choked up on graffiti and street art, cartooned overdosed by Pop-Surrealists, there still remains an intellectual and diverse center filled with inventive, imaginative, thoughtful and determined artists. These are the artists that one needs to watch. These are the pieces one would want to and should collect. Here lies depth in work.

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