Kim Byungkwan

by Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Kim Byungkwan is a South Korean artist who takes images of Hollywood stars, namely beloved and iconic starlets, and breaks their image with scribbles and smears of paint. He creates them with acrylic on paper, giving you what you need to “get” who the person is—and then he rips it apart. They remind of monsterized and zombified depictions of celebrities but done in a frightening and manic way—but they retail a fascinating beauty. They’re like caricatures made by a crazy person.




Each painting balances the literal with Byungkwan’s deadly aesthetic. He plays into cultural consciousness, exhuming the image of Linda Carter as Wonder Woman, slashing her up with smears of paints and dug out eyes. The work could easily be mistaken for an artist stealing forms and avoiding doing the detailing of faces but, as you can see in a collection of paintings, he can do facial features more or less depending on how far he wants to push his grime.


Kim Byungkwan has created these unusual portrait paintings using acrylic paint on canvas, he is an artist based in Seoul, Korea. “My work is trying to destroy, tear up, and reconstruct this habitual vision so that our vision can be expended to other images.”




What I would like to express through my work is very simple.
I am trying to bring out strangeness from familiarity (visual habit).
Everything there is out there in this world, more or less, provides familiar vision.
This familiar vision can be replaced as habit. This habitual vision which every object gives us and creates comfort. However it shuts down all the other possibilities.
The habitual vision or visual habit makes us go by the routine ways. It stops us from having adventure and checking out the wonders out there.
I have strong faith in my work that my personal behaviour may lead us “strangeness within habitual vision off from the track.”

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