Julie de Waroquier

by Sunday, June 10, 2012

Julie de Waroquier is a 22 year-old self-taught French photographer, also student in philosophy.

Her pictures are a mixture of fantasizing, surrealism and conceptualism, oscillating between ironic surrealism and naïve dreams.

Artist Statement

I try to create pictures which remind fairy tales and dreams, which look out of this world. Indeed, I enjoy the contradiction of the art of photography: this is firstly a technique which copies reality, while art is all creation and invention.

Photography thus becomes fascinating: how can one create, re-create reality and what is seen, with an art which precisely duplicates the world as it is? This is the reason why I try to make reality look surreal in my pictures. I prefer showing the world as it could be rather than as it is. I do not want silent pictures: I want to let dreamlike images and symbols speak, I want to show how meaningful a picture can be.    

I don’t really know where my inspiration comes from. It comes from everywhere, from the books I used to read when I was a child, from sounds, lights, people. But I am probably mainly inspired by myths, tales, and by artists and writers such as Freud, Perrault, Magritte, and la Comtesse de Ségur.

During the past years, I’ve been achieving several projects such as collective and personal exhibitions, wedding photos, book and CD covers, and other collaborations with artists.


2011 – Correspondance Visuelle (Compétence Photo magazine)

2011 – Winner of the Festival Ouverture

2011 – Winner of the Nikon contest for the Promenades Photographiques de Vendôme

2012 – Winner of the Emergent Artist Award

2012 – SFR Jeunes Talents award for the international Rencontres d’Arles

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