Interview with Joseph Loughborough

by Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Hello Joseph,
first of all, tell us something about your upcoming work. What are you into at the moment?
I’m really into Charcoal at the moment. Really simple black and white stuff drawn on paper.  
What upcoming shows, exhibitions, do you have coming up?
I will be having an exhibition of what i have been working on for the last 6 months in london soon. Lille art fair in France this month will show some work too.

 How would you describe your style?
Unconscious apparitions.

Who’s the first painter that comes to your mind in a second? 

Egon Schiele.

When you were 13, what did you want to be?

A marine biologist.

What’s the place or what do you do when you feel you’re thinking in a bright way?
Post orgasm?
What do you have in common with a teenager?
Not thinking of tomorrow.
Your idea about social networks.
The unoticed revolution. A fantastic tool and and the same time more to forget.

The hardest and the easiest part of your painting passion?
Rent can be a pain in the arse.
What’s overrated/underrated today?
Overrated – Ironing clothes // Underrated – Books.
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  • Diego
    May 29, 2013

    Beautiful and charming sense for design! love your choices!

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Joseph Loughborough

by Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Selected Courvoisier/Guardian Future500 Artist 2010. Daffodil Award 2009. Farnham Maltings ‘No Strings Attached’ Award 2009. Norden Farm ‘Granted’ Award 2009. RESIDENCYS Paris – 2010 Vitry sur seine.


London – Futre Tense Gallery 2012 (Drop me an email to be updated) Brighton – The Artists Residence Gallery 2008.


Lille Art Fair – Lille – April 2012 Crossing borders – Msa Gallery – Paris – March 2012 De Visage,De Figures, Des Supports – Galerie Naclil – Lille – Febuary 2012 LE – Msa Gallerie – Bellevile – Paris Dec 2011 Jeux Expo – Gallerie Art-De-Rien – Paris -October 2011 One Show – London Bridge – October 2011 MTV Redefine – Dallas – Goss Micheal Foundation – September 2011 Shine – Folkestone – July 2011 Sand sea ,spray – Blackpool – June 2011 Battersea Art Fair London March 2011 Splat(pop up) – London – December 2010 From London – Lille 2nd December 2010 In Human – London – 18 November 2010 Red Propeller Group show – Exeter – 20th November 2010 Le bateau (Joint Show) Paris – October 2010 Bedford festival Group show – Exeter – August 2010 The Loft – (Joint Show) – Paris July 2010 The Louvre carrousel – D’art urbain – Paris – June 2010 Future Tense Gallery – London – August 2010 Battersea art fair London – March 2010 Advent 69er Gallery – Bristol 2009 Rump 1Love Gallery – Bristol 2009 Inked Gallery – Brighton 2009 Visual Imprints Gallery Brighton 2009 Urban Scrawl Portobello Rd Gallery – 2008 Naked Eye Gallery – Brighton 2008 Ether Gallery Portsmouth 2006 Toast Gallery – Southampton – 2005 University Graduate show – Portsmouth 2003 Skating and Art – Mountbatten Gallery – Portsmouth 2002 PUBLICATIONS Vitry vit le street art. Antique Children.


Portsmouth City Trust, Oli Bennet Charitable Trust.


Ireland, France, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium.


Joseph Loughborough website.


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