Joerg Reichardt

by Monday, July 30, 2012

Joerg Reichardt‘s work is diverse, ranging from a basis in staged commissioned photography and portraiture to personal documentation and fiction. It expands from the often glorious world of advertising to that of the non-profit, as well as the playful, and hidden inner worlds of the heart and soul.

Working across these contradictory contexts opens up new possibilities and allows Reichardt to approach related ideas time and again from different angles, hoping to get closer to or perhaps further away from the issues and experiences that interest him – always in search of a new perspective however different, disappointing, deviating, or rewarding it proves to be.

In terms of his staged photography Reichardt‘s work merges the timelessness of composition with the liveliness and presence of spontaneously unfolding events in time and space. Something happens: an encounter takes place, an imaginary space opens up, a dynamic dialogue develops – frozen inside a frame, preserved as a moment in time.



In Reichardt‘s documentary work he is drawn to the exploration of social ideas and beliefs: how do people reflect and relate to their own social position and geographic coordinates? Confined by the perspective of an outsider with no understanding of the specific social game he witnesses, the photographer is only seemingly in a neutral place; he is once again thrown back to the narcissism which appears as a reflection of one‘s own self even in the most outlandish of circumstances. His presence in the picture is felt only through the rhythmization of compositional elements.

In his fictional work Reichardt is concerned with finding new approaches to story and character, as well as with exploring the limits and possibilities of language and images itself – a very old issue and thus a rather banal one. (As banal as love.) Challenging these contradictions, by using photographic images juxtaposed to fragmentary texts, hopefully fuels the imaginary space and leads to further scenes and fresh tensions. If charged poetically, incoherent connections paradoxically may unite.


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