Jimin Kim

by Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Jimin Kim is a Korean picture book artist, author, print maker and illustrator, currently based in Seoul. She enjoys making a narrative and embodying it in a format of a picture book. She is made her book just after graduating from Kingston University with a Communication Design: MA Illustration course.


Now she is focusing on making a picture book for children and running parallel with making her original print artist book as well. She also wants to introduce the concept of artist book to the public as an artwork in itself. Recently has been chosen as an Overall New Talent winner of AOI World Illustration Awards 2016 in UK.


Hyde & Seek
etching, aquatint

original print hand-binding book


I made this book, ‘Hyde & Seek’ as my major project for my MA Illustration course of Kingston University. According to psychologist Jung, a human personality cannot be defined as a single image, which means that human personality is a cluster of multiple personalities. The theme of ‘Hyde and Seek’ is based on this idea. When it comes to the visual aspect, it builds on the idea that, throughout our lives, we can’t see ourselves as someone else sees us – we can only see ourselves through a mirror.


The room of mirrors is a metaphor of a world, which surrounds us. In there, we can come across alter egos of us. Sometimes they are weird, strange and unfamiliar. I want to show a journey to meet these strangers in our mind through my work ‘Hyde and Seek’, as if exploring some kind of abandoned and desolated amusement park.

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