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All Illustration Jeremiah Maddock

Jeremiah Maddock

Jeremiah Maddock is a Brooklyn-based artist whose outstanding work we spotted in Saved Tattoo. His creative process is not pre-determined but thrives on spontaneity and trance-like meditative drawing sessions. Using aged book covers as a template for his intricate drawings, Jeremiah’s artwork reveals hypnotic patterns and a color palette that dialogue with the details of everyday personal experience.

His latest body of work is an example of his ever-expanding visual narrative. Having recently relocated to Brooklyn, NY from the rural Washington woodlands, Maddock found himself among the emerging creators of the New York art scene. His works are an attempt to create the purest expression of existence, totally free from external conditioning and undefiled by compromise.

His language is a crystal-clear spring flowing with Machiavellian-like “musical hieroglyphics.” At times disconcerting, his works possess a certain candor and delve into the perception of the supernatural.

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  1. Tim says:

    This is one of my favourite short films of all time, It’s great to see it up and vimeo. I’ve posted it to the peg bar and grill

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