Jamie Lee Reardin

by Thursday, April 24, 2014


I’m Jamie Lee Reardin, a Fashion Illustrator from Toronto, Canada, currently pursuing my artistic dreams in Los Angeles, California.



As a former Fashion Communications & Design student at Ryerson University, I spent four years focusing my attention on classes in Advanced Illustration, where I was mentored by the talented artist, Professor Peter Duck. Shortly after graduation, I felt the urge to escape my cold, snowy hometown, so in 2008, I packed up my pencils and moved to sunny California, where I have lived ever since.



My style has evolved enormously over the past four years as I became interested in exploring the sources of my inspiration. Needless to say, I am an avid Disney fan and a true Tim Burton enthusiast. Childhood days spent drawing Cruella De Vil while my sister watched Beetlejuice on repeat, eventually transformed my fashion figures into gawky gazelles with uncomfortably long necks, and impossibly thin silhouettes. Before I knew it, Cruella and the Corpse Bride collided with Alexander Mcqueen, and the trio transformed into what you see today. Inspired by innovative designers, couture collections, theatrical runway productions, and the captivating models and muses who grace the glossy pages of monthly magazines, my love for all things magical is expressed through my art.


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