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by Monday, February 2, 2015

marck_dusche-2008Hello Marck, first of all, tell us something about your upcoming work. What are you into at the moment?

I’m producing already sold works that exist in series. Since I make everything by myself I need any work on time. On the other hand, I develop new works for future exhibitions. This is the real creative act. The reaction of a new idea means to me always to find new technical approaches. For the upcoming show in New York, I will show a job with a 65 “monitor. This size of screen is very difficult to work with because I will be back “dismantle” him. Furthermore, I develop just an “external installation” for a OpenArt in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland. This is a work that will leave the screen in real water. But even I am still experimenting …


??????Would you give a brief walk through your workflow?

New ideas I get most often in quiet moments: When drinking coffee or while driving, or when I play around and trying out new materials. So if I have an idea, I opt for the form. Should there be a moving work with a lot of mechanics or a pure video work. How to work the job? Later comes the question of the material, respectively, according to the “shell”. In addition to the technical implementation or the film to be produced. Depending on the work to find a suitable location, be it in the studio, and beyond. Then the sculpture and film are united. This means a lot of Editing, Customize and building control systems, which combine image and technology. Only when I’m satisfied with the result, I will show it to other people. A work from the idea to the finished sculpture will take about 3 months.


How has your work evolved over the years from when you were beginning?

I used to find the visual / optical effect was very important. Humans usually played no role. Today, just the man with his fears and needs is very important to me. Feelings and emotions are at the center. Questions about the human being as such or in society.


marck-frauenkiste-2008Your artworks are easily recognizable, you have achieved a unique style. And I think it’s great, I mean, a lot of artists spend their entire lives trying its own style. Do you think it’s positive to have a clear signature or sometimes do you feel bound in a way by your style?

Clearly it is positive if my work is recognized as a MARCK. Since the art out of me, it is of course bound to me. Since I am a very curious person, like to experiment and my feelings show me again and again, I can not really different than put it into my “design language”. I think what you should never do: trying to please someone; it must always be absolutely genuine, be of himself and all others should be a matter. I am guided by anyone. Which of course does not mean that I do not admire others. There are many brilliant artists who inspire me.


marck_neue_religion_2010I can easily found a primitive sign in your characters, a cubist reflection in women you represent. Could you talk about other symbols you think have influenced your work?

To me it was a concern that a static sculpture and unite the moving image. It was to make it appear from the beginning, my intention movement as thoughtfully. The 2 dimensional video art rarely touched me. I missed the emotions. To achieve this I had to combine the individual levels. As beings I selected the woman because she actually makes many facets of society. She is of course recognized as symbolic of a variety of topics in my work. Secondly, I have always been fascinated by machines in its aesthetic and recurring events. The machine is then also available for solitude, monotony and cold.


marck-kreuz-2009Who’s the first artist that comes to your mind in a second?

Andy Warhol. Of course, he is a great artist of POP style that is very familiar to me. Then there is a personal reason: In the great collections in which I am responsible, mostly depends also a Warhol. This struck me when I go hang my work or am invited by collectors. That’s why he is so pervasive and of course he is also striking. To this end I just had a funny story to mind: When a buyer in Geneva, I brought the artwork in person and wanted to hang it. However, since the whole wall was already full with Picasso, Edward Hopper, Nam June Paik, Opie and even Warhol, had up space for my work; The Warhol was suspended …;-)


In your statement you openly declare not to be interested in a unique meaning of your artworks. But when you look at your own records, can you see a common thread?

Of course, my work has a common thread. They are closely related to my personality and my experienced as well as my observations. My works show people in various moments, mostly trapped within narrow limits. The viewer often feels in the first moments as a voyeur, he questions the intent of the artist and if he is honest with himself, he can discover his own feelings. Whatever comes to mind? These are then often very personal stories, these feelings are very individual.


neue_freiheit_2011_marckYour production in recent years has been truly remarkable, I do not think everyone understands how challenging would be to devote himself entirely to art. How do you spend your days? There have been days off in recent times?

Right now I’m not thinking about rest days. I work for a month 7 days a week with about 14 hours per day. Since I’ve sold in December at the art miami much, I must now produce the series and at the same time develop new works. But besides that, I work a lot. Forcing me to produce my ideas. I think if one lives his calling, you are always working. I can not help it. It works easily and if I can realize new ideas, it’s also really impatient. I can not go home then. Then I will always know quickly how something could go, as it might look, etc. When I’m not working, I am with my family or my friends. I like being in society. This is also very important to me.


marckThese days in the office turns a trick, tell me what will you do, or what would you like to do, in 5 months, 5 years, 10 years?

In 5 months I would have liked in the south, led a Künstler this with a small hotel. The guests were nice and entertaining. In 5 years, I would start with the construction of a museum for just all my artist friends. In 10 years, then I sit with my buddies on the beach and enjoy the sunset.


Something you’ve always wanted to do, but have yet to.

Traveling with an RV around the Earth. But probably I will not live enough to do it. My fears are out there on the way for me.


adam&eva_marck_2013Something that annoys or frustrates you about people.

Stupidity. The uncritical acceptance of information from any source, either press or internet. Absolute truths. Intolerance and dogmatism.


What’s overrated /underrated today?

The respect for money within the meaning of respect and dignity.


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