Interview with Jonathan May

by Thursday, January 19, 2012

Who’s the first photographer that comes to your mind in a second? 

Diane Arbus.

When you were 13, what did you want to be?

A marine biologist, I have always been fascinated by nature and find the ocean therapeutic.

What’s the place or what do you do when you feel you’re thinking in a bright way?

I am a morning person, so usually it is when I am thinking the clearest.

Tell me a song that has haunted you.

Radiohead “Street spirit”.

What do you have in common with a teenager?  

I woke up today with a pimple on my forehead.

Something you’ve always wanted to do, but have yet to.

There is a lot but a few of them is to ride wild horses in Mongolia, dive with great white sharks in South Africa, see Gorillas in Rwanda.

Something you want the world to know about you.

In Sydney I was addicted to surfing, but now living in Europe this isn’t as easy so my new love is Brazilian Jui-jitsu. I have set a goal to get to blue belt by the end of the year.

Something that annoys or frustrates you about people.

Tall poppy syndrome, in which people of genuine merit are resented, cut down, or criticized because of their talents or achievements.

Your idea about social networks.

They’re a good way of letting people know what projects or work you are doing, especially when you are living overseas. You need to be careful though and use them constructively.

A word that you hate.


How many hours do you work in a day?

I try to have a good balance between work and fun, so when I am not shooting I work on average around 8 hours a day. I find that I work weekends too and find it difficult to switch off my work mode because I love what I do.

If you had absolute power for one day, what would you do?

I would be invisible, and hope that my camera could also make the transformation.

How could you describe that precise moment….The one that makes you say: “Yes! This is great! I did it! I got it!”

I am a bit of a perfectionist and never really have a clear moment, as I am always trying to improve on it. I have learned to recognize when I am doing something good, and usually my producer tells me if we need to move on.

What’s overrated today?

HDR Photography


Jonathan May on Hyde.

Jonathan May Website.

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