Interview with Dzo

by Thursday, August 7, 2014

ad29b859ab508914fd07b7197ec4066fHello Olivier, first of all, tell us something about your upcoming work. What are you into at the moment?

I’m increasingly asked by music groups. At the moment I’m just working to create illustrations for several musical universe who wish to display my developed style. It’s exciting because most of them accept to work with this part of “aleatory” and chaos which defines my artworks.

How has your work evolved over the years from when you were beginning?

Each illustration is a new step! I evolve every time I draw. My artistic work is refined a little more each time. Moreover, I agree to work on topics that allow me to advance in my research on the symbolic systems. So my “clients” become a kind of inspiration source, a kind of creative booster … If I look in the past, I always drew amalgam of small drawings, “doodles”. Today, these doodles have become symbolic systems with more concrete details. And you know what, your question made me realize that!


6646f8613e95d7d6c22487a087c28f81Who’s the first painter/illustrator that comes to your mind in a second? 

James Jean and Kris Kuksi ….and all the artists over the world coming from tribal groups. even if they have no commercial name.


What’s the place or what do you do when you feel you’re thinking in a bright way?

Well, it’s hard to answer……… I can say that I’m working on opening consciousness since a long time. So today, I think that I don’t need any particular place for thinking in a “bright way”. Everything is inspiring me and my spirit is evolving and offering me access to more understanding of life. But nature is a privileged place. The presence of trees and the music is transcendent for my soul.


a8d6df5250bf00be643429f143ab4c5eSomething you’ve always wanted to do, but have yet to.

Turning around the world with my family on a van to discover all ethnic art expressions, access to spirit chamanic dimensions, drinking ayahuasca, learning to play guitar, put a kick in the ass of a politician …. Yep, I’m going to stop now… or I’ll become violent.


Something you want the world to know about you.

I’m becoming a grain of sand in the wheel of the global destructive economy.


cd780e49fe76327989468556a636fbe2Something that annoys or frustrates you about people.

Many people have blinders on and behave like a sheep.


Your idea about social networks.

I’m so divided. These are systems that transform humanity into a business information system. Vampires systems . But this creates beautiful encounters and cooperation too. Social networks are the worst and the best at the same time. It’s up to you on how to use them.


c47fbf4b0f8c4499a7827b4ca5f0c74bWhat’s overrated/underrated today?

I should develop a thesis on this issue. But basically, I’ll answer that nature is underrated and the human control over nature is overrated.

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