Interview with DALeast

by Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hello DALeast, first of all, tell us something about your upcoming work. What are you into at the moment?

Me and Faith47 keep traveling and painting, we have a lot of plans for this year. We were in Australia for 3 weeks preparing a first show together. Also I have a solo show coming up on 3rd of may in Milan.


Tell us a little bit about yourself: where is home, and how long have you been an artist?

I was born in China, i started to explain my mind by use art since I can hold a pen. I studied sculpture at the Institute of Fine Arts there, in the same time I start do street art on the public space. I dropped out of collage one year before I finished the degree because I was frustrated with the way that they taught there, but still keep my fun on the street.



How has your work evolved over the years from when you where beginning?

I start from transitional graffiti back ground.I experienced different ways to present my work from old school graffiti fonts, to new school and 3D wild style. If you see different period of my works, you can find a clear timeline of evolution. I quite enjoy the works I am doing now. It seems like something I was looking for when I started.


A few words that sum up your philosophy on life.

Life is a dream game which full of variables, we are driving different bodies as the codes in this 4th dimension program.


Favorite country or city visited.

Paris, NYC.


Who or what inspires you in your personal life and work?

Ancient eastern philosophy and nature.


How could you describe that precise moment….The one it makes you say: “Yes! This is great! I did it! I got it!”

Deep simile.


How have you handled the business side of being an artist?

First finish my work, then go to pay the dinner.


What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken making street art and was it worth it?

25 polices crush into my house at 5 o’clock in the morning, bring me away from my bed, we had one day tea time together. It  taught me two words which are “insecurity” and “powerful”. The first one for them, the second word for freedom.


What upcoming shows, exhibitions, do you have coming up?

My first solo show ” Fever of the Worn Land” is coming up at Urban Painting Gallery in Milan on 3rd May.

A group show “Streets of the World” is coming up at Opera Gallery in New York on 10th May.


Before you put your work “out there”, do you have it critiqued by someone else, or do you just go with what your heart tells you is right? 

I always follow my heart to do what i like to. But you do get  good suggestions from the others sometimes.


The first artist that comes to your mind in a second.



DALeast website.

DALeast on Hyde.






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