Headcount – an interview with artist Peter Madden and curator Alice Tappenden

by Thursday, May 1, 2014

Headcount is an Enjoy trustees project curated by Ann Shelton and Alice Tappenden. The exhibition comprises works by contemporary artists: Peter Madden, Richard Orjis, Greg Semu and Christian Thompson. The four artists engage with the baroque and it’s iconographies in a way that re-visions the baroque through a contemporary lens.

Find out more about Headcount on our website, including images and written responses – enjoy.org.nz/node/2592

This video shows footage of Peter Madden’s Assemblage for the Production of Dust, 2012 with an interview between Madden and curator Alice Tappenden. Audio- invierno, 69º54´S-135º12´E by Mikel Lauki – lauki.bandcamp.com

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  • Barrett
    May 29, 2014

    Every time we think these films have hit a peak, the next one totally redefines what great means. Absolutely stunning.

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