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H-Views is the first of four meetings organized by Hyde Magazine that sets the political art theme in the middle of the constructive discussion, in a comparison of 12 artists from different periods since 1910. The exhibition, by reservation only from November 21st to 27th, will be an illustrative journey through the artistic production of the leaders of political art, prominent figures who have conveyed their own social message over the years, defying regimes and common sense, shaping icons able to symbolize an era, revisiting detectors devotional paintings of our perception.



Sociopolitical expression, propaganda, protest and satire are the four main aspects and functions revealed through H-Views, our Art Curator Frances Banhart has developed, in collaboration with the Hyde Event Team, an unexplored path, starting from illustration propaganda artists Maurice Becker and Stuart Davis, through the liturgies of the first post-war period by Georg Grosz and the revolutionary slogans of the second half of the 60s in the installations of Hans Haacke. In modern times, artists have turned to conceptual art and street art in order to control the context and distribution of their works effectively, rather than having it sold to banks or multinational corporations.



The revelations of Nancy Spero, associations of historical groups such as Group Material and Gran Fury, the isolated cases of David Garner and Peter Kennard, until the controversial realism of Molly Crabapple, and the street art satire by Beast and Packard Jennings. As the more diverse media have shaped this iconic wave, then it means in a performance considering all the expressive vehicles as design installations, pictorial figures, illustrations and photographic art. In collaboration with our Media Partners, H-Views aims to pay tribute to these critical witnesses of the political and social issues, a gill too often considered marginal in the highest artistic production as evaluation of our own private beliefs.



Not moved by the beauty around them, their patrons’ sponsorship, or some deep need for catharsis, they operated on a different wavelength, channeling the injustices, imbalances, and harsh realities of their daily lives or the lives of those in need to create their art. That’s not to say these artists are entirely motivated by altruism. Suppose they get self-satisfaction from sticking it to the man, from pointing to the bad guys with a big giant neon sign, from being badasses themselves. In the wake of the freshly concluded presidential debates, H-Views delivers art projects made with a political message in mind. Check out their culture-jamming, intervention-throwing, order-disrupting, and trouble-making ways, and see if it inspires you to stand for something.

By reservation only
November 21-27th 2016
Rämistrasse 37, 8001 Zürich – CH

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