Gwenaël Bélanger

by Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Gwenaël Bélanger’s artistic practice is marked by an absolute quest to find the inherent simplicity of things. Since 1999, the artist has drawn from the most mundane reality for inspiration to create his works. For the project Courir les rues, he wandered through the city in order to capture elements overlooked by the urban dweller. Using a 35 mm transformed into mini-cinematograph for the occasion, he shoots his movements during his excursions. Like Ed Ruscha, known for his thematic and sequential interpretation of the American landscape, Bélanger reveals an impossible point of view. He recounts his journey by assembling a collage of stills in which perspectives are overlapped and distorted, and where different points of view converge. Beyond their playfulness, these works reveal a sensitive and attentive look at the various factors at play in the urban setting.


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