Goat & Aaron

by Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hornet director Gabe Askew creates another singular world of careful textures and fresh perspectives for his newest animated short called “Goat & Aaron.”

Askew: “I was laying in bed one morning, looking at the dust twinkle in a shaft of light from the window. Almost like a sneeze, a series of images came to be. I rolled over grabbed a sketchbook and very roughly sketched out about ten images I wanted to create. The script tying them together came later.

“But I was really keen on getting away from the computer and approaching a project the way I approach illustration. This is why each shot is formatted differently.  And each shot began as a painting which I took into 3D and projected onto geometry. I’m not sure this technique is right for other projects but it was a refreshing break from the normal process.”


Written and Directed by: Gabe Askew
Executive Producers: Michael Feder, Greg Bedard
Producer: Jan Stebbins
Editor: R.J. Glass
CG Character Animation: Jeffrey Lee
2d Animation: Jake Armstrong
Character Models: Erwin Riau
Character Rigging: Stanley Ilin, Phil McNagney
Environment Illustration and Modelling: Yenni Askew, Gabe Askew
Voices: Jeremy Levy as Goat, Ambrose Martos as Aaron
Audio Post: Beatstreet Productions, NYC
Sound Design: Matthew Longoria
Recording Engineer: Jeff Malinowski
Music by: Substitue Sandwiches – substitutesandwiches.bandcamp.com

Made at Hornet Inc.

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  • Mitchell
    June 13, 2015

    What a great doc, not only a good story, but great cinematography and audio design as well. Congrats folks!
    Cheers from Brazil.

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