Garima Thakur

by Friday, April 6, 2012
Garima Thakur was born in New Delhi, India. She received her BA from Apeejay Inst of Design, new delhi.
After she finished her undergraduate study, she joined a France-based advertising agency, Publicis.
She joined a small, boutique design studio, Idea Works, after working for two years in an advertising agency.
Working professionally for three years, she went to University of Florida to earn her MFA degree.
She is currently working in Dumbo,  Brooklyn at Boomgen studios.
Her creative and research work deals with the idea of identity and its interaction with culture, place, media and globalization.
Her work questions the customs and traditions that specifically women follow in order to play a certain role in the society.
Garima’s work merges design and art, her design works through  social issues and questions how design can be in the middle of this flux of the changing world.

Garima currently resides in New York.

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