by Sunday, February 26, 2012

Faze is Stavros Kypraios. Graphic designer and illustrator located in Athens, Greece.

Stavros was born and raised in Athens. He studied graphic and multimedia design at the 2nd Technical Institute of Piraeus. He has worked as an inhouse graphic designer in the advertising industry for a couple of years till the dawn of2010 when he started the freelance project faze.

Today, faze is challenged to combine art direction, graphic design, illustration, web and collaborates with several other professions in the visual communication field, in order to fulfill any clients needs.

The goal is to provide unique and effective creative solutions in any case and project, thinking always conceptually and making cutting-edge design.

In addition, faze organises and curates art & design events and exhibitions, such SEEAR and 2011 wishes installation art.

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