Eloi Urdangarin

by Monday, June 13, 2011

“Graphic design student resident in Barcelona. I define myself as a ambicious person, with motivation to work and fresh mind to recieve constantly new influences. I spent 5 months studying Visual Communication in a art & design college in Dublin, Ireland.”

“The idea of this piece is to present the type in a public space. And the rubbish, garbage, waste and dust are part of it. In fact, because of the constant reconstruction of the city, you can find pieces of broken cement everywhere.”

“Then my piece try to addapt the type to this kind of chaotic surface. Getting new surfaces, forms and broken letters. Like if it was a litter of types in the street…”

“Use the lampposts for the concept of fragmentation. But not in the usual way. Se- parate the letters by the half and play with the pedestrians to follow something that at the begining they have no idea of what it is.”