Elisabeth Caren

by Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Elisabeth Caren‘s passion for storytelling began at  6 years old when she started dressing up her cousins and brothers and producing “plays” for her family. Performing and studying all aspects of theatre throughout her childhood lead to a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in theatre and film from Boston University’s College of Fine Arts. During her teen years, Elisabeth also explored storytelling through photography.


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Elisabeth Caren began working in film development and production for acclaimed fiilmmakers such as Barry Sonnenfeld, David Friendly and Kathryn Bigelow. Her belief in the significance of image paved the way to a transition into entertainment publicity marketing where she worked with award winning filmmakers and iconic global brands.

Yearning to be behind the lens, Caren finally decided to pursue her ultimate passion: photography. As she always felt connected to cinematic storytelling, Caren started as an on set photographer for film and television and entertainment reportage for AP all the while making portaits and creating personal work, in particular when she traveled.



Caren’s work connects with people through portraiture and is especially drawn to theatrical or narrative portraiture. Entertainment has been her primary focus and she has photographing many celebrities and has shot over 25 magazine covers. Editorial clients include People, Entertainment Weekly and More Magazine and advertising clients include Lionsgate Entertaiment, MTV, NBC, CBS and Atlatnic Records.


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Elisabeth Caren ‘s fine art work was recently featured on the MTV show “Awkward” and APA’s Off The Clock exhibition curated by Anne Lyden. She was acknowledged with 2 honorable mentions in the 2012  International Photography Awards, APA’s Film Noir Conest, and her work is collected by Hossein Farmani.

Elisabeth Caren’s lifetime in theatre and film has definitively influenced her work which is often described as classic and cinematic.

Based in Los Angeles, she she travels between New York and Paris.

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