Dirty Bandits

by Sunday, February 2, 2014


Dirty Bandits is a small, Brooklyn-based design firm specializing it typography, lettering and illustration run by Annica Lydenberg. Work done by Dirty Bandits is fueled by Annica’s deep obsession with type. As a graphic designer she has been paying close attention to typography for many years and focusing on treating letters and words as art.


Annica has been known to be a doodler, do-gooder, design addict, downward dogger, designated drawer, and a dirty bandit. She loves her work and she loves her clients. Other loves include walks near water, ginger, podcasts, and snooze buttons.


A little hand touch

We know what font you used last summer…
It’s time to switch it up and get something original going, something tactile and real. Just cause we sure do know how to use a computer doesn’t mean we need to use it to do everything! Many projects can benefit from a hand touch with a perfectly suited illustration or a bit of type whose characters have character.


Just the Right Type

Logo and branding are the centerpieces of your business, and they define who you are and what you do. So when you talk, we listen. From our very first meeting, we start compiling all the ideas, type, colors, patterns, places, and proper nouns that float your boat. Then we distill all that information into a concise and dynamic visual that speaks to your audience in a way only you can. The world is full of copycats who’ll stop at nothing to bite your style. Don’t be a victim of identity theft!


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