by Thursday, February 10, 2011

The art of DiRQuo explores an abstract representation of the perception of graffiti, and attempts to create a dialogue that questions the type of environment that is created when freedom of expression is painted over with brushes and rollers.

Check out his stunning paintings here.

Gallery 1889, Brooklyn NY, September 2009
T & P Fine Art, Philadelphia PA, February 2009
717 Gallery, Brooklyn NY, February 2009
Alphabeta, Brooklyn NY, February 2009
Alchemy, London, UK, December 2008
Calyer St. Studios, Brooklyn NY, October 2008
Graffle 2 Exhibition, London UK, September 2008
717 Gallery, Brooklyn NY, July 2008
Ad Hoc Gallery, Brooklyn NY, May 2008
Fresh Kills, Brooklyn NY, April 2008
717 Gallery, Brooklyn NY, April 2008
Protest Space, New York NY, March 2007

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