Connie Lim

by Wednesday, December 11, 2013

54 Hand Drawn Card Illustrations Inspired by Fashion.


My name is Connie Lim and I’m a fashion illustrator and designer. I started illustration back in 2006 in the early days of my time at Art Center Pasadena, where I attended a fashion illustration class and fell in love. I am fascinated by fashion, and it was through the class that I started my Fashion Playing Cards project. In working on the series, I found an outlet to both express and evoke emotions through my drawings, which had up to then seemed little more than the sum of individual lines on a page.



The impact of that realization meant the project never left the back of my mind, even as my studies and then freelance work took me away from completing what I had started. But having stepped back from it and grown as an artist in the past few years, completing the cards has become an apt parallel for my journey as an illustrator: the changing drawings encapsulate how my technique and perspective have evolved. Unfinished drawings ask to be finished. Similarly, I am drawn to the need to finish this series, to conclude the chapter of my life it helped launch so many years ago. 


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  • Pattern
    June 9, 2015

    Straight trance. This is hypnotic.

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