Christodolous Panayotou

by Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Christodolous Panayotou’s works are structured in thematic circles which often function in chapters open to rearrangements. Part of his visual language becomes a manifestation that renegotiates the historical and political narrative, concentrating on the undefined desires and projections of identity dealing with it’s existential quest. His interest to both the individual as well as the collective. Means of “traditions” and rituals are as important as romantic myths and personal subliminal desires. The work Never Land is composed of images selected from the archive of the national newspaper, Phileleftheros. The photographs record a period of significant political changes as Cyprus moved towards becoming a member of the European Union.

The work Guysgocrazy which consists of two parts, was produced in cooperation with the Pornographic Film Production Company in Prague. One part shows the studio before the event, clean and tidy with a sparkling floor. The other part shows the same space after the shoot with traces of the event left behind.

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