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The artist Case born 1979 in East Germany is a member of the graffiti crew MA`CLAIM which is notorious because of its unusual photorealistik spray-technique. It consists of AKUT, the male representativ of the duo HERAKUT, RUSK and TASSO.Together with this ensemble bacame case  founder of a new style – photorealism – in the international graffiti subculture.
For more than 16 years  case has been working with a spray can. Since some time he has been creating more and more own paintings, exhibiting and saling them. That, what he started to make in the streets, on the walls of the deserted houses and fences, enlarged/extended his pool of imagery and ideas, now you can see the results of this development in many galleries. Case, a qualified restorer living and working in Frankfurt am Main, is focused on several aspects in his oeuvre. On the one hand he concentrates on the detailed presentation of human figures, which overmade and „slippery“ appear. Choice of motivs and preparation of the pictures he makes together with his wife, who photographs the models.

On the other hand there is a striking contrast between the accurate and grotesque beautiful presentation of the protagonists and the foil-structure, on which they are painted. The screens consist of random or mosaic arranged small cardboard pieces. Originally these are fragments of the spraycan pacages. He uses glue, tape and staples to put them on wooden panels. The resulted foil-structure symbolizes the rough structure of the walls. The ready product of his creative process gets the very special charm. Love to details by presenting provocative content and the morbid texture of the foil, which is unique like a fingerprint, are responsible for this charm.


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