Caroline Petters

by Tuesday, February 24, 2015

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Caroline, originally from Atlanta, GA. moved to NYC after attending graduate school at The Portfolio Center. Due to her southern nature, Caroline enjoys creating relationships with clients and working together to tell a brands story through imagery.


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Inspired by her subjects and the environment Caroline strives to create imagery that evokes genuine emotion. Caroline currently resides in Brooklyn where she enjoys running along the East River, evening bike rides, playing with pups, and chasing light. She is currently working on a video portrait series, creating a narrative for people in Brooklyn.


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Selected Client List

Angel Court Jewelry, Anna Barclay Designs, Art News, Art Papers, Atlanta Magazine, Coke, Color + Information, DDB Wordwide, eseNYC , Fresh to Order, FedEx, Georgia Tech, Jezabel, Line A Journal, L’Oreal, Megan Huntz Dresses, Momentum, Refinery 29, Smbolic, Stern Magazine, The Artist’s Institute NYC, Unboundary.


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