Brian Walker

by Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Brian Walker is a contemporary digital artist whose images explore and exploit the realm between fantasy and reality, recreating scenes that meld illustration and fashion with an element of surprise. Stemming from a passion for illustration to depict his ideas and concepts of surrealist landscapes and characters, Walker first began using photography as a tool to represent these ideas of the impossible within the believable context of photography. Walker ‘s works have featured compositions such as battery packed human figurines, fur clad models destined for the meat market and a post modern take on the beloved nursery rhyme Jack and Jill. Walker first came across photography eleven years ago in the form of analogue and black and white, progressing to colour and eventually discovering an early version of Photoshop.



This tool completely revolutionised Walkers work and enabled a progression that continues today of seamless illustration between reality and make believe. From early on Walker has been influenced by surrealist artists such as Dali and Magritte. Today he is influenced by the evolution of fashion and popular culture such as film, magazines and the internet. His recent works take inspiration from the plasticization of the female form in fashion and online virtual dress up dolls. Walker aims to perplex his audience, his style guaranteeing an element of surprise intended to delight and amuse his viewers. “I like the visual language of my images to appear hyper real, as if they could exist but a second take reveals something amiss or askew. The perfection of a single detail or the impossibility between elements is what I continue to find fascinating.”



Walker is influenced by photographer David Lachapelle, “I’m interested in his ability to iconograph a scene from popular culture and to make it look so real that it is contrived. I would say our processes are similar, I use a lot of concept sketching as my works are highly manipulated, I have to plan almost every detail before a shoot to make sure I have every element I need. I meet with the make up artist, models and stylist to make sure things run smoothly and that they share my vision.” Walker ‘s artworks have been featured extensively in photography, design and art journals and books worldwide. His work has also been exhibited both in Australia and Europe.

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