BBC | Elliot Dear

by Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Blinkink director Elliot Dear helps the BBC build on the message of the channel’s “oneness” idents with a two-minute holiday tale of a talented teen and her busy dad guaranteed to pluck at your heartstrings.

Elliot Dear: “We wanted to make a film that had the charming, handmade qualities of stop-motion animation, the tiny imperfections that let you know it’s been done for real.

“The aim was to combine the puppets with CG animation – which we used for the faces – in order to capture the tiny nuances of human facial expressions, enabling the characters to be very emotive without the use of dialogue.”

The production crew also included:
– Puppet makers MacKinnon & Saunders (Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr Fox and Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride)
– Set builders Clockwork Frog (The Pirates: An Adventure with Scientists)
– Lead animator Dan Gill (Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs and Charlie Kaufman’s Anomalisa),
– Director of photography Toby Howell (Fantastic Mr Fox)
– Lead CGI artist Rune Spaans (Trollhunters)

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