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Interview with Sara Blake – ZSO

by Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hello Sara, first of all tell us something about your upcoming work, what are you into at the moment? Hey thanks for inviting me. I’ve always been into patterns and textures, but I feel like it’s getting more exaggerated recently. I’m really into textiles and tiling from Eastern and African cultures, and I’m getting more interested ...


by Monday, July 27, 2015 A short film about the reasons why it's normal and healthy to go to therapy, written by Alain de Botton for the School of Life. Directed, animated and designed by Isaac Holland Written by Alain de Botton Sound design by Chime Audio ( Narrated by Alain de Botton

Lost Art | The Chapman Brothers vs. Goya

by Saturday, July 25, 2015

Jake Chapman discusses reinventing Goya's Disasters of War masterpiece in their Insult to Injury series. The Gallery of Lost Art was an online exhibition that told the stories of vanished artworks. Whether destroyed, stolen, discarded or erased some of the most significant artworks of the last 100 years have been lost and can no longer be ...

KeeganMeegan & Co.

by Saturday, July 25, 2015

Artist Statement: Who we are: KeeganMeegan & Co. of Portland, Oregon was co-founded by Katy Meegan and Keegan Wenkman in 2007. By combining our knowledge of design, illustration and letterpress, we work to print beautifully; use the best materials; and support and inspire the local through to the global community.     Studio: The KeeganMeegan studio is located at 17 Southeast ...