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Aristide Loria, better known as “ALO” is a London-based Italian artist living in London since 2011. His work is mainly focused on human figure in a portrait-style and his characters started to appear on the walls really soon. First in Italy, in particular Perugia, Milan and Rome, and then London. After a short period based on different street art techniques, Alo began painting his portraits directly on walls using the same technique employed for his indoor works, based on brushes and markers.


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When he moved to London he started painting his striated box characters on the East-End area, mostly on the streets of Shoreditch, Brick Lane and Hackney. His style is characterized by line-textures and color contrasts, he usually replaces objects or parts of the human body with the equivalent words and paints frame that cages the character and gives the impression of a framed painting.  ALO shows a preference for painting the marginalized and less affluent members of society portraiting not only beggars, prostitutes and junkies but also people who suffer life but tend to hyde and renegade their own inner feelings.


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His whole work is based on bringing to surface the deeper human feelings through colors and shapes. He’s been very influenced by the Expressionist movement, african art and street art. The style that distinguishes him has been developed step by step in about ten years and his most important art has been developed in the UK capital. In London his work has been shown at the “Stolen space” gallery in the “Winter group show” in 2013 and in his first UK solo show “Hail to the loser” at the “Saatchi Gallery” in July 2014. Regarding the intentions of street art in general, Alo says “it’s revolutionary”.


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He has been mostly influenced by the idea of working on something not sellable and for anyone. Even if he appreciates many street art styles, his aim is to bring something different to street art, detaching from pop-art, cartoon style and stencils.

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