Alison Blickle

by Saturday, December 30, 2017

Alison’s work includes oil paintings and ceramics that depict women engaged in mysterious ceremonies. Presented as installations, with objects positioned on the floor or on stands like altars in front of the paintings, the works together tell a story. They suggest that the viewer has entered a sacred space, and that they are seeing remnants of a mystical happening that took place there.

White vessels are repeated throughout the paintings and ceramics, and suggest the cosmic egg. These vessels are carefully tended to, guarded, and used by the women who inhabit the scenes. The images in the paintings have a theatrical feel. Figures pose in trance-like, choreographed movements, or act something out on a stage. This reflects Alison’s belief that art making is ritual, and that all ritual is performance. “I’m interested in creating images of women supporting and connecting with one another. I am part of a community of incredible women~ herbalists, witches, midwives, artists, and revolutionaries. I feel that I am part of a sisterhood, and it informs my work big time.”

ALISON BLICKLE (b. 1976, Los Angeles) graduated with an MFA for Hunter College New York (2009). Solo Exhibitions include: ‘Private Rituals’, Kravets Wehby, New York (2016); ‘History of Magic Part III…Uncrossing’, Kravets Wehby, New York (2015); ‘History of Magic Part II… Initiation’, Kravets Wehby, New York (2014) and ‘History of Magic Part I…The Hermitage’, Eleanor Harwood, San Francisco (2013).

Selected Group Exhibitions include: ‘She Rocks’, Kravets Wehby, New York (2017); ‘Sibling Rivalries’, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA (2016) and ‘The Fantasy of Representation, BEERS London (2015). Blickle will have her first solo exhibition with BEERS in the autumn of 2018. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

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